We serve clients in Spain since 2000

On your side at every moments...

Our mission

Our mission is to find "your dream home"

We are not a simple estate agency limited to its portfolio. We have a commitment to understanding your needs and find the ideal property that matches your criteria perfectly, ensuring a safe and profitable real estate purchase!

After sales services

We are committed to a long-term relationship with you.

Anything you might need, we will sort it out. For example, we can offer different furniture suppliers, depending on your style, you can choose your furniture package through catalogues. We will then make sure the furniture will be there at your arrival... or, we can drive you to the furniture shops. If you need air conditioning, translation services, insurances, we will be here for you... or a full fridge on arrival at your home, we can do that for you.

Property Management

Would you like to entrust us with the management of your apartment or house?

Our management department offers you a complete 5-star solution, including furniture and decoration down to the smallest detail, online marketing, booking management, cleaning and maintenance. For more information, visit: palmerablueholidays.com


Buy in confidence

Our partner, Montserrat Gomez, international lawyer, who speaks English and Spanish, will be your lawyer from the moment you decide to purchase a property through Palmera Blue Real Estate Investment. Before signing any document, she will perform the due diligence by checking the deed and all legal documents relating to the property selected. She will supervise the whole buying process until the property is registered at the Spanish land registry. Upon arrival, Montserrat can bring you other services such as drafting a will, writing legal contracts and representing you and defend your interests in court.


A mortgage broker focused on your needs .

Gregory Fraccaro is a specialist in the French and Swiss property markets and your financial representative in Spain. He will help you find the best option for your real estate purchase with a Swiss, Spanish or French bank.